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Portraits- Prints and why you should be present in a selfie generation

Photography is our modern day storyteller. And the print is the beautiful result.  It’s the only thing you will probably own that will gather more value in the years you have it. It’ll tell a story, evoke feelings, and create a legacy for future generations.

In a generation filled with selfie-takers, I think it’s important to not forget the story. The story of the day, the story of the moment, and not to quote too much of One Direction, but the story of your life 🙂 We move so fast and forget to really relic in the air that you breathe, we don’t taste it, we don’t enjoy the feel of it, nor the warmth or cold feelings that touch your skin. We are unfortunately a very fast paced society that wants instant gratification and often escapes the beauty of things because of this. Digital images are stored onto a phone, this phone than dies and those photos are sometimes moved, or forgotten about. We have become an obsessive-compulsive photo taking society.

We do it so meaninglessly that we have created a generation that does not give worth to what an actual print is. We don’t listen to music when we are at a venue, instead, you hid behind the phone lens and take an excessive amount of images that just stay buried in your photo libary. These images are accompanied by other meaningless images that serve as a reminder of a generation that will never be passed on. Digital images aren’t forever. A phone will die, the cloud will cease to exist one day, and you’re left with nothing. A print has proven to serve its worth, with the prints that are hanging on your wall, the ones that are laying in an album, and also the images of generations ago that are still in mint condition.

Prints are forever. That photograph allows you to slow down the moment, and revisit it in a whole different way. You’ll be remembering the moment instead of hiding behind the camera lens, missing what was in front of you.  And how special to have pictures of your life to share with your younger generations. It truly is a gift of being relevant and also connected with everyone around us even we are ourselves are gone.


Tips to step out of the “selfie loophole”…

Focus on yourself and your background. Pull back just a wee bit to see where you are.. If you just focus on your face, you will end up with a library of the same pose and face, and it’ll seem not as powerful than something that focuses on more. You want to pull back so you can see what you were doing and what made that place, feeling, or moment special. And if you can wing it, hire someone to follow you and help you document a trip or an event. And if you can’t, put your camera on a timer, and shoot as though you were telling a story not creating crazy lip poses.

Just by following these simple tips, I guarantee your documenting skills will be so good that you won’t even remember what taking a selfie was like.

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The season of Lent


Today starts lent in the Catholic faith.  This time is usually associated with reflecting and growing as human beings.  I think this idea of lent is actually very relatable to anyone and everyone. 

Spring Cleaning

For example one term that comes to mind is spring cleaning.  We make space for new items as we say goodbye to things that we don’t need or want anymore. Out of reach areas or forgotten spots get cleaned. Goals are written out for upcoming months.  Some of us vow to pickup a new hobby, while others engage in correcting themselves by going on diets. Or refraining from certain activities. Ultimately I think we all participate in some sort of “lent”.  

In keeping with what lent is to me, I wrote a list of things that I was going to give up ( pretty much like sweets, coffee, and some other of my faves..) but what I’m actually most excited about is what I’m choosing to learn and adjust. I decided I am going to read more, pray more, and give more. I want to be more patient with myself and my day to day interactions. Ultimately, I just want to be a better person.  (I want to feel adequate in my own skin.) 

Giving up material things are pretty easy but it’s the chore of changing our personalities and traits that I know will be my hardest obstacle, don’t ya agree?

Regardless of your idea of religion, or spiritual meditation, I think we all seek the same answers to the same questions. I have yet to meet a person that wants to repeat their mistakes over and over again. I don’t think it matters who you pray to, or even if you don’t pray at all, we all seek to be better versions of ourselves.

And to me, this is what this time of the year is all about.

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Trying something new- Wilmington, NC Photographer

I have noticed as I have gotten older my thrill seeking section of my brain is almost non-exsistent.

Ever feel that way? I remember when I was 16, I used to plot my escape route to another state. I graduated early and I couldn’t have graduated any more earlier than 16 to gain my independence. Let’s face it at that age you feel like an adult, but you are not one.

Traveling was my jam at 16. The further the place was from my home in South Florida, the better. I even wanted to claim citizenship in New Zealand. I swore to my parents that I would live there one day regardless if they allowed it or not. (Well, needless to say my mom was like yeah.. over my dead body)

Flash foward to 2017, I am almost 32.. (eek).. and my ability to take risks are less and less. Change is such a stressful thought now. This must be one of those consequences to becoming an adult.

I decided to be brave.  I had my first Sushi roll today. Yes it’s not a huge deal, but I proved to myself I can “roll” with anything.

And, just like the sushi roll that I pretty much inhaled, I am going to try this method on other situations.

Consequently now, I am a fan of sushi, or at least the one that doesn’t have real fish in it.
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