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March 8, 2016

Winter in Wilmington, NC isn’t that terrible, I mean we don’t have snow really, and the ice that we do see is probably less than what you can get at your local McDonalds.. (yeah no flurries, all..)

Nonetheless we are a coastal town,and with that said, snow, or anything winter related is really just a short lived memory. March brings us warmer weather and the anticipation for warmer nights, longer days, and sand in between our toes.  I was feeling a little bit uninspired before today and suddenly we had a warm front and it’s 70 degrees out, and life is good again!

So, I decided to lace up my  Nike sneakers and get out and walk. What turned into walking turned into some interval training that I decided to attempt. And it was awesome! I synced my iPhone to my amazon music (listened to  the Zumba Albums, and some Colombian music to keep my blood moving) and synced it back to the app I was using for interval running training for weight loss. And I can’t say enough good things about it. I really felt energized afterwards and I burned 300+ calories, so woot woot!!

Now, I find myself hoarding music off Amazon Prime Music, and I have listened to 1d’s Made in the A.M. album I don’t know a zillion times.. I’m a boyband fan (Backstreet and NYSNC, yes we go baaaaccckk; we were practically married at one point in time in my adolescent childhood)..their music is just so good now a days! Not that it didn’t live up to its stereotype before, but they did a really great job with this album. Its definitely more grown up and the sounds are reminiscent to the stuff I used to listen to when I was younger, [even reminding me of some Eagles songs that was my mom’s type of music].. So, its cool to see how this generation has kinda gone back to the sound of my parent’s generation.

It’s definitely worth a listen, and “Never Enough”, and “What a Feeling” are pretty much my jams these days.

So cheers to getting stuff done, and feeling the spring air and getting out there..I’ll try and continue to stay motivated (because ya know sometimes, life happens and it becomes a battle!) and keep updates on my progress of my interval training! =)


Till next time..

-Hugs + Love






PS: Curious about the tunes..checkout the site for the songs 🙂

One Direction AM