Breakfast in bed-Wilmington NC Wedding Photographer

February 21, 2017

bed and breakfast nautical, breakfast tray, breakfast in bed

Breakfast in Bed

This year already is going so fast. I have so many things I want to accomplish and already am feeling overwhelmed by my choices of how to tackle them. Is it really normal to take on to much? Is it normal to want more than what you already have?

Unfortunately this is the case, for me. But today I was thinking I need to slow down, and re-organize my thoughts. I’m always thinking ahead and barley live in the present. I preach all the time, but never practice what I say. And I’m a constant note maker but never follow through on all my notes! As I check one thing off, I am already trying to out write all the words that come to mind on the next line of paper.

Clearly, I have issues. I decided to give in and let it all fall into place. Because, God has a plan, and I need to just live. I put down my notebook and pen and got comfy in our guest room. I  decided to pretend I was a guest at a hotel. (Ya know the ones you can order breakfast in bed at..)

Usually when you are guest at a hotel this means you are on vacation. So, essentially this is what I was trying to trick myself into being. My state of mind is always clearer when I am on vacation. So, today is my vacation day to recollect and tackle 2017 one more time.


Because, it’s just February and we still have 11 more months to figure it out.


bed and breakfast nautical, breakfast in bed