Valentines and day and Jimmy Fallon- Wilmington, NC Photographer

February 14, 2017

jimmy fallon tonight dough
Today is Valentine’s Day…

I passed flower bouquets, cards, and chocolates as I strolled down the grocery aisles. I had it in my head that I was not going to feed into this holiday.  I didn’t even blink an eye thinking about what other things I wanted.  Robbie and I always say that Valentines is every day, so of course I wasn’t going to give into this made up holiday..

However I did fall into the trap of wanting a chocolate treat on Valentines. It wasn’t until I passed the freezer aisle that I realized I needed something to commemorate the holiday. I mean, I couldn’t be a complete scrooge, right?

I decided to indulge and be part of something larger, at least for the day.


So here it was, Jimmy and I for dinner, and that was my Valentines Day in a nutshell. Who needs a special dessert when you have this as the main course, am I right?!

jimmy fallon tonight dough

(I think Robbie wanted it to be “Valentines day” everyday after having this special treat for dinner…can’t blame him either; and side note. I posted this image on Instagram, and my Valentines Day was fully complete when I don’t know a small show, liked my picture. Yup, the Jimmy Fallon Show “liked” it.. felt pretty legit!)