Trying something new- Wilmington, NC Photographer

March 1, 2017

cream cheese roll, sushi roll

I have noticed as I have gotten older my thrill seeking section of my brain is almost non-exsistent.

Ever feel that way? I remember when I was 16, I used to plot my escape route to another state. I graduated early and I couldn’t have graduated any more earlier than 16 to gain my independence. Let’s face it at that age you feel like an adult, but you are not one.

Traveling was my jam at 16. The further the place was from my home in South Florida, the better. I even wanted to claim citizenship in New Zealand. I swore to my parents that I would live there one day regardless if they allowed it or not. (Well, needless to say my mom was like yeah.. over my dead body)

Flash foward to 2017, I am almost 32.. (eek).. and my ability to take risks are less and less. Change is such a stressful thought now. This must be one of those consequences to becoming an adult.

I decided to be brave.  I had my first Sushi roll today. Yes it’s not a huge deal, but I proved to myself I can “roll” with anything.

And, just like the sushi roll that I pretty much inhaled, I am going to try this method on other situations.

Consequently now, I am a fan of sushi, or at least the one that doesn’t have real fish in it.
cream cheese roll, sushi roll