Halloween with our niece and nephew- Wilmington NC Family photographer

October 11, 2015

halloween photos, pumpkins, wilmington nc family photographer

Halloween with kids, is I think the epitome of Halloween. I’ve never carved a pumpkin until today! Our niece and nephew live just over the bridge in Wilmington, and we were lucky enough to spend the evening with them and their parents while they carved some pumpkins. I didn’t realize how messy and involved carving a pumpkin is. First, you gotta choose a wonderful a plump pumpkin and making sure it’s going to last for I don’t know three weeks! The kids were very excited to get started, as was I. We had tools and the pumpkins, and sharpies of course! They drew their designs and we were ready to CARVE!



After all the carving, and mess their Dad put in a nice battery operated light and lit up the gorgeousness of their pumpkins.

It was cute to see how excited and proud they were of their work. Also, fun to gather all the seeds, and make a nice little sweet treat with the pumpkins seeds.

Never had that either! Until tonight, and cinnamon and sugar on anything, is nothing but delicious!


Cheers to Halloween and the start of cold nights, warm feet, and hot chocolate in between 🙂