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January 11, 2017

boston rower, boston, boston row team

This past fall I went to visit my New England family in Boston. Robbie and I spent some time there visiting the city of Boston, and also the neighboring towns and states around there. It was the most beautiful time to be there too. The highways were lined with red and gold tones and it was nothing but spectacular to see this. It was their peak week of fall and although the weather was a little warm in the beginning of the trip it was beautiful to see the change that was happening there. As we drove through different states up to our final destination of Maine, I couldn’t help but reflect on my own personal growth and change that I was going through.  Nature sure has a funny way of paralleling your life.

I didn’t grow up with my father and up until now we didn’t really have a strong relationship.  However these past few years that have gone by, we have been able to start something that I always wanted to be there. But this change that we created, could have only been created with time and patience.  We have a stronger relationship now and I think this is all due to maturity and being an adult. I have also been able to establish a connection with my brother and sister, and now my step mom.

I couldn’t help but correlate all these experiences back to what I was experiencing with nature.  As the leaves were changing and preparing for winter, I was also shedding emotions, obstacles, and past experiences. But, I felt like I needed to leave these things behind to only shine through the past, and get ready for a regrowth. (spring) Sometimes saying this and doing this are completely different things. Holding on to things not only allowed me to feel secure, and protected, but I also wasn’t fully living like I wanted to be.

We are now in the beginning weeks of January, and looking back at this image just reminds me  that everything has a purpose. Patience is something to be valued, and treasured. And, to continue to push through and continue growth, because, ultimately that journey is everything.


Love + Hugs,


boston rower, boston, boston row team


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