Photographing women in business- Personal Branding Wilmington, NC

Photographing a women in business is one of the most gratifying things I get to do. It is incredibly hard to be an entrepreneur. I myself know how hard it is to be considered a professional in business as a female. Your reputation and the way you represent yourself is everything. Everything you do becomes your brand. It truly becomes your lively-hood.

Whether you are a fashion designer, a model, an actress, a veterinary, a dentist, a realtor, a candle maker. You get the point, right? Showcasing your business in a professional light is everything. It can either get you more clients or repel them. If your website shows photos of you, then a client can see you that you are a real person.

People want to feel invested in you not so much your product. Anyone can be anything, and or sell anything. But what allows us as humans to want to invest in someone it is the way you showcase your personality. It’s those going live videos, those funny screen shots, and all those photos show you doing your thing, or selling your “thing”.

Ultimately the way you make candles, the way you sell that home, or the way you clean someones teeth can be done by anyone. It is the dentist that is compassionate, and or friendly who has a full calendar. A writer sells books because they are able to connect with the reader and have them escape to a place that makes them feel free. The more you educate (show) your ideal client what you are trying to do, sell, or how your product will change their life, will make them feel confident in investing in you. And photos are definitely key in making that a reality.

When photographing a model and/ or a business I always try and make the session about them feeling comfortable. Number one objective is to feel like I am not in there. Which as you can imagine is easier said than done. However with Cheryl featured below, she was a natural. She models and acts for a living, so she is very comfortable in front of a camera.

But even with that said, she still asked for direction of movement. During our session we focused on her posing but also on the clothes and fashion that she was wearing.

The House of Perna is a brand based in Delray Beach. Amanda Perna, is the designer and owner of THOP, and we were able to showcase her clothing in the process as well. Amanda styled Cheryl, and it was a match made in heaven. The backdrop was streets in Delray Beach, and a beautiful area in Palm beach called Worth Avenue. Between the natural beauty and the gorgeous clothing, we definitely made gorgeous images.

So if you are thinking of getting your business photographed here are 3 tips to remember before your planning your session.

  1. Know your client. Identify your clients wants, and needs. Choose pieces, or items that will target these clients, and make them click on the photo to learn more about you.
  2. Choose your location. All environments add to images. Without a background the only thing that is showcased is your product, or you. With that said that may be what you want. So for those kind of shoots, a backdrop or a plain wall may be what you need. And, if it isn’t, ask me for some recommendations on what you want your backdrop to look like. I’ll do my best to find the light that best resonates in those spaces.
  3. HAVE FUN + and no regrets. Whatever you do, have fun. It doesn’t have to be a chore to photograph you, or your personal brand or product. With a plan, and being organized it’ll be so much fun.

[Ps: The best photos too are the ones when we are laughing and giggling and I am able to show the real you! And if you are wanting photos showcasing what you do or what you sell,  being in the act of your element are by far the best to show!]


Personal branding commercial photos taken in Delray Beach, FL

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Photographing women in business

July 17, 2022

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