how I became a Wilmington, NC Photographer and what that meant for me

August 11, 2015


Being a Wilmington, NC photographer means, I live in a very small coastal town filled with too many people 🙂 Just kidding 🙂 But, really it is a small town with a lot of people moving in.. So, how  and why did I get here?

Actually, for the most part moving to this area was completely by whim.  I was born up north and raised in Sunny south Florida. The Sunshine state was home to me, it’s wicked hott summer’s and crystal clear beaches was my normal.

I started off being a kid with dreams in the film industry, and was one of those hopefuls who felt if I move where they film stuff, I can get on those sets!  So, I packed my bags and took my degree in film to the seaside town of Wilmington, NC. In hopes I could attend UNCW in their film program and dabble at the local Screen Gems Studio for work. [Which I did get into UNCW, but unfortunately I was a couple of years to early for what their film program was]

Unfortunately, this Dawson’s Creek town provided very stiff competition to even get a small cleaning job at the studio. I did however finally land a returning extra spot on the set of One Tree Hill. Trust me it’s not as glamorous as it sounds, but it was a fun experience and I definitely wanted to be in the industry even more so after working as just a stand in or a filler for space.

So after several years of extra work, I finally decided I want more. I wanted something that I loved, and wanted to document life in a different way. I wanted something I felt I could control more, in a job and economical sense.  I have always been in love with film, whether it’s digital, or in a film can. I love documenting and recalling memories and experiences. Life to me is just that.

So my drive for photography really came along during these periods of failure in the film industry, and I actually am grateful for it. I am grateful that this small town [Wilmington] provided me a life with my  husband,  that this small town has taught me how to struggle but to overcome my fears in public speaking and being socially awkward. Because there is such talent in a small fishbowl, you really have to push yourself out of your comfort zone and get out there. My fine art landscape photography slowly turned into portrait photography and now editorial, seniors and weddings. And let me tell you, it did not happen over night, and it’s still in progress, but has definitely unfolded in front of me like the next Barnes and Noble’s best selling novel 🙂

So, moving to this small coastal town has taught me to slow down sometimes, be grateful for what I have because I live here, and also push and push harder than before, because it’s the only way to succeed in a small town, and always push for more. I love working outside this area because it gives me a larger outlet to explore and to be appreciated for what I do…But I do have to say, when I go to several airports that my photography allows me to travel to, I can secretly say, I do feel a sense of “Home” when I walk into our small airport and get a bowl of candy offered to me as I walk off the tarmac. And their is no hustle and bustle, there are people sitting on rocking chairs, and enjoying the view as their wait to be picked up.. That is definitely a nice welcome back 🙂


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