Henrys Chicken and Waffles + Brew on the side

February 20, 2017

henrys chicken and waffles wilmington,nc

This weekend consisted of introducing my husband to something pretty great.

I shared the most lovely treat with him. Its got maple, its got bacon, its paired with a waffle. (Yea, you might know what it is).. And of course,  a nicely topped almost like a cloud chicken tender that lays oh so perfectly on this breaded goodness.

Yes, I was on a diet along time ago. And I gave up of depriving myself of not eating. So, I decided that it’s okay to indulge as long as you limit yourself.  So, as you can imagine I did this with my waffle. I ate three waffles and left the last one for my husband.  So, that kinda counts, right?

And, because I am good wife, he was able to wash that puppy down with some good old coffee from around the corner. Port City Java is truly a gem here in NC, and is exceptionally awesome when you pair it with Henry’s chicken and waffles.  (there literally right beside each other, its a match maid in heaven).

If you haven’t already tried, do yourself a favor and try it. So delicious!

henrys chicken and waffles wilmington,nc