Kid Portraits Southport, NC + Bald Head Island

May 9, 2016

Kid Portraits in Southport, NC + Caswell Beach + Bald Head Island + Wrightsville Beach + NC Beaches….


I love photographing kids.. They are spontaneous, colorful, funny, and never afraid to do whatever is asked, or to try new things. I love how innocent their curiosity is, and how wonderful they view everything. My goal when photographing kids is to essentially get a glimpse of what they see, and their world..


A few of my faves of my time with my niece and nephew..

Southport was beautiful that day.. The waves crashed softly onto the intercoastal shore, and you could see Bald Head Island in the distance. We are just unraveling spring, and the day already felt like a summer day.



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And after the shower at the beach..they cleaned up for a final time.. I wish bath time was as much for now as an adult as it was for them. Sometimes, it truly is the simple things that make the most beautiful images and offer the most memorable memories.