Meet the Artist Wilmington NC Photographer

February 20, 2017

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Today was a beautiful spring day here in Wilmington, NC. It kinda made me reminiscent about my life in Florida. (Ya know the state that is always pretty and warm.) I do love the changing of seasons that we experience here in the Carolinas though.  Winter hasn’t been to cruel to us this year (keeping my fingers crossed this weather continues).

Robbie, (the hubs) and I decided to capitalize on the weather and head out for a stroll this afternoon. We walked the downtown streets and I had him snap a few fun pictures of me trying to be cute.

Emphasis on “trying”!

It is just so much easier to be behind the camera, but he did a nice job helping me out. I wanted to get a little bit more personal with my clients and have you guys feel like you know me. Even before you click on the contact link.. It’s always nice to feel connected to others when you don’t even know them yet. And than when you do meet, it’s neat to see how their personality plays out in real life. I’m a people watcher so I kinda enjoy this sort of interaction.

So, with that said I decided to start a weekly/monthly fun facts about me “Meet the Artist” .. So, here goes to me sharing a little bit of myself for your entertainment 🙂