Spring and treats- Southport, NC Burney’s Bakery

April 5, 2016

burneys bakery, burneys cronuts, cronuts

Because we both are usually working on the weekends, my husband and I rarely get to stroll around and have quiet time. But this week it so happened we did have free time, and we were both off! And, it also happened to be the first weekend of spring! Or, at least it felt like it here in Wilmington, NC. So after some careful thought we decided to venture to one of our favorite small towns and take a stroll there. Southport, NC is a small little piece of Americana goodness. I love it’s quaint and small feel, and its literally the epitome of southern charm.  With that said, they have some cute little antique stores and some really awesome southern treats and cuisine.

As we were strolling through their downtown area admiring all the beautiful azalea that were blooming we passed Burneys Bakery; which we learned was a neighborhood treasure. So, we decided to try their famous “cronuts”… So, if you haven’t heard of these its a croissant doughnut. Yup, two beautifully crafted treats into one. They have several flavors, chocolate, blueberry, apple, cream cheese, and so many others I can’t even remember. Nonetheless, it was a delicious treat, and it was nice to create a new memory with the hubs,

Cheers to Cronuts and Spring!! =)

burneys bakery, burneys cronuts, cronuts