The House of Perna Summer Lookbook [Delray Beach Editorial Photographer]

March 1, 2014


A few months ago I spoke about my recent shoot with the THOP creative crew. As you could tell in the previous photos we were in a house, and we were shooting as if we were in a studio. So like I said, guerrilla style. We shot in Delray Beach and Coral Springs. It was an awesome experience to try new things and really use our equipment to it’s fullest capacity. It definitely shows that its not the tools you use, it’s how you use the tools!

Amanda Perna, was awesome enough to have friend, Whitney Sharpe, come by and shoot with us. We shot the Spring and Summer Collection of the Amanda Perna’s Line, The House of Perna. The collection is filled with tons of vivid, and bright colors! You can’t help but feel happy and excited when your wearing her beautiful silk pieces!

Whitney a student at Lynn University, is also studying Fashion Merchandizing and this opportunity to show her skills in front of the camera, was definitely a treat for myself. At first meeting, she is a beautiful blonde shell, who I literally felt was like a Barbie come to life. But there’s actually more behind the beautiful face. She’s a sweet natured, very normal girl. Just a little bit of Boston in South Florida! I only loved working with Miss Whitney because she was just lovely to be around, and so easy to instruct, but I loved that we were both New Englanders ๐Ÿ™‚

Our setup for the shoot was arranged by a lot of magic, and fluff, and a couple of friends trying to make something good with pennies ๐Ÿ™‚

We used a white backdrop with a generic stand, home depot spot lights, my video light, and a flash. And after a few hours in post, I was able to produce these beautiful images of our main model, Whitney Sharpe (Miss Massachusetts). Here are a few of my favorite from the look book and also a link to the complete book, I designed and put together for the House of Perna. Cheers to our wonderful crew in creating something I am proud of ๐Ÿ™‚



Paula Stauffer- Fl Fashion Photographer/ NC Photographer

Whitney Sharpe- Student and Miss Massachusetts

Amanda Perna- The House of Perna Founder and Stylist

THOP Lighting and Assistants


Our completed look book!

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