Worth Avenue Commercial shoot, Palm Beach Editorial + FL Photographer

June 14, 2015


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One of the things I love most about being a photographer is the opportunity to travel. Luckily, for me, I am part Floridian, New Englander, and now Carolinian. So with that being said, if I have the opportunity to go back to my “roots”, I take it! I often get to work with my good friend, Amanda Perna. You may notice her name from previous post, like the fantastical wedding I got to photograph at the Four Seasons in Florence, and or the awesome past shoots that I have got to do with her.


She is a fashion designer and is the head designer at The House of Perna.


This past spring I was flown to Palm Beach and got to photograph the beautiful Cheryl Soell, a Green Agency and Runway Agency model. I found Cheryl on Instagram, and luckily she wasn’t booked already, and we were able to photograph her with Amanda’s clothing.





This collection was so much fun to photograph. All the colors were inspired by our recent travels to Italy. Florence was filled with tons of oranges, blues, red’s, and vibrant earth tones. Amanda definitely made these colors come to life in the most feminine way. Her style is for the average woman who wants to step it up a notch. You don’t have to have a gala to go to, or a reason to dress up, you just should. You should feel powerful, and beautiful, and graceful and ever bit of feminine in your clothing, and this is what she does for her clients. The House of Perna is meant for that girl who wants to be a little less ordinary and more extraordinary through patterns, prints and color.





The day was warm, and hot and humid. Everything that Florida could deliver on an April day. I had never shot fashion on a bright day like this, and it was definitely an experience and one for the books. I searched and hugged onto every bit of shade during our trip to Worth Avenue. This was definitely an obstacle, but I think I did pretty darn good for no clouds in the sky, type of weather!





Now, if you’re not familiar, Worth Avenue is like the Rodeo drive of Palm Beach. It’s got a beautiful Mediterranean feel.




The walls are filled with ivy, and colors are vibrant and rich in oranges, and yellows, and reds. If you didn’t know you were in Florida, you could easily transport yourself to an Italian villa area, or even escape to a beautiful walkway through Spain. The architecture here is absolutely beautiful and reminiscent to the European coast.






During our shoot we walked in through business walkways, and also through the many hidden gardens, and neighborhoods. This was definitely a beautiful setting for beautiful clothing. We wanted to create a story and have the clothes be the backdrop. I have to say the crew that I worked on with this shoot were amazing.

We had three hours to make magic, and I really feel like we delivered!

Our beautiful makeup was done by Jessica Mead

Styling and clothes provided by Amanda Perna; The House of Perna,

Photography and Set Assistants, Solomon Strul, and Miss Hannah Victoria

Location: Worth Avenue, Palm Beach, Florida

Photographer: Paula Stauffer; Paula Andrea Photography









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