Red Nose Day- Walgreens Southport, NC

May 26, 2016

Red Nose Day…

A month ago I was cleaning out my inbox and saw an email from an Agency saying they worked with Walgreens and they wanted to know if I would be interested in shooting at a local store for their Red Nose Campaign. As you can imagine, I was one skeptical, if it was a real thing, and than two I re-read it a couple of times trying to gather my thoughts on the email. As I re-read the email, I was extremely excited to get on board with this new project.

I was honored, surprised, excited, and also nervous.. I sent my acceptance email, and I was lucky enough to correspond with a very responsive, and professional team that was located in Chicago. So, with that said, it made me want to do the job even better than before. Knowing my work could be used for a legitimate commercial assignment made me strive harder to get it done efficiently, and also obsess over the results being nothing but perfect.

Red Nose day was something I always saw on TV, but working on this assignment really educated me on the cause, and also how important of a day it truly is… The idea that I was given was to have my associates take selfies while they had fun with their Red Nose Day gear. I met with the Southport, NC Walgreens team for this shoot. Their team was selected because of being most spirited, and I can’t say I don’t agree. (Here’s that same group doing their red nose day video that was shot by the Walgreens Team..)


As you can tell, I got really luck with the team I worked with..They were gracious, fun, generous, and patient with our shoot. We had a fun afternoon and they made my job that much easier. They were extremely playful and we definitely knocked it out.

My assignment is finally done, and Red Nose Day, is today…


Congrats to Walgreens for striving to make a difference using modern and young advertisement to educate our younger youth and adults. I think it’s great that they are now able to introduce this cause to a new generation. Here are a few of my favorites with the Southport, NC Team

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