Fort Fisher Engagement Shoot- NC Photographer

May 27, 2016

Fort Fisher, Location Scouting….


Today I scouted this beautiful location at Fort Fisher, NC for an engagement shoot I will be having tomorrow… I don’t get to do these often, but I sure do love when my future bride and groom to be say they are early risers…. Which means a sunrise engagement shoot!

The sun will start to perch it’s head through the atlantic ocean tomorrow around 6:03am. I will be graciously waiting it’s arrival with my two new friends as we photograph a milestone in their relationship in life. I love engagement shoots, its a great time to get to know my clients, also to get them to feel comfortable around me while enjoying the outdoors together. Something special too about these two is that they are bringing their two children with them.  Yeah their doggy children! Which sweetens the day even more. I love dogs, and what a treat to get to play with them too!

Tomorrow, I’ll share the finds, laughs, and love that I get to photograph…Until than.. isn’t this location beautiful….

2016-05-27_00082016-05-27_00072016-05-27_00062016-05-27_00052016-05-27_0004fort fisher,nc