Mt. Pleasant, SC Wedding- Pepper Plantation

March 25, 2018

The first wedding of the season started off in Mount Pleasant, SC. It’s a little town in between the bustling southern city of Charleston, and the beach paradise of Isle of Palms. I had never ventured this way and was very excited to see what it was like. Aimee the bride, is a friend of mine who works in Charleston in the film industry.  She moved to the area for work and grew up in Wilmington, with mutual friends of ours. One of those friends being my husband Robbie. It’s so neat that they all still know one another. Spring was also peeking its way through already so lucky for us we had a very warm day ahead of us. Aimee and Ty had rented two beach homes that were next to one another to have their families and friends close during their celebration weekend.

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wax sealed wedding invitations Ty, Aimee’s fiancee, and his boys were on the opposite end of the beach home they had rented for the weekend.  Mostly all of Ty’s family and friends were coming from the Pittsburgh area, so as you can imagine it was a long overdue reunion. When I walked into the house, it felt like a party. I should have known from that point all the pranks that I was about to witness 🙂 A cigar and Pit Viper sunglasses were nicely wrapped in vintage cigar boxes for his groomsmen. Aimee had gifted the boys a little bit of fun in a bottle for their ride to the ceremony as well.

When we arrived Ty was getting ready and got ready and unwrapped a special note from Aimee along with a watch that she had gotten him for the big day. His mom was right by his side and was gifted a set of pearls for her to wear. You can tell how proud Ty’s mom was to be next to her son that day.


wedding day, charleston sc wedding, mount pleasant wedding, garden wedding, vintage wedding, spring wedding, viper sunglassescigar boxes for groomsmen gifts After her gift was given Ty was reunited with his groomsmen who were all dressed. These guys and their jokes were killing me! They have this young, fun, and joking friendship. I personally did not grow up with brothers, but I can only imagine this is what it is to have brothers. They definitely made my time with them enjoyable and extremely memorable before they headed off to the ceremony.


The details of this wedding were so pretty. Aimee does costume/decor work in the film industry and her attention to detail is impeccable. She had an old vintage style to the wedding and all her pieces were extremely traditional and gave you the feel of that era. I lucked out also with having such a great place to shoot at. There was a room in the beach home that was very regal and traditional. And we decided to shoot some portraits of Aimee in this room. I have to say this is probably one of my most favorite places, I got to do bridal portraits. I could have spent all day with Aimee in this room.


banana republic wedding shoes Aimee was finishing up her makeup and the girls were just about to get out of the robes that Aimee had given them for the day. They all gathered together in the tub in the master room and did a silly picture before Aimee got into her dress. Aimee’s wedding dress was a vanilla color that had gorgeous beading on the top and had a nice high low hemline that lined the front of the dress. It definitely added a bit of fun to the dress. She, of course, looked like a princess and was gorgeous in her gown. Throughout her getting ready, Aimee was nothing but smiles.  Kelly her maid of honor helped her into her gown. She added some more feminine touches with her earrings and her pink Banana Republic pumps. And finished her look with a little bit of  “Tiffanys”.

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The girls were welcomed to the house with welcome kits and also were given wax sealed boxes on the day off.

Each one was personalized and also Aimee’s mom gift was a set of pearls. There was also one more special gift for Aimee’s sisters and mom. Aimee had reached out to her favorite actor Tom Hanks. He, of course, couldn’t make the wedding but made sure to still be present on the day of. He wrote a personalized note to Aimee and her family.

This gift was extra special because of Aimee’s dad passing and his resemblance to Tom Hanks. Needless to say, there was some tears for the remembrance of their dad,  and also the excitement of such a kind gesture.  She also had a special photo of her grandmother to honor her that day.

The girls and I headed outside for some quick portraits before the limo returned.  Her girls wore burgundy gowns that could be altered depending on how they were tied. Each girls dress was tied to their personality and they all looked stunning in this color.

Aimee has two sisters and both are just as special as she is.  Their bond as sisters is truly unbreakable, and even though the other girls aren’t her immediate sisters, this sisterhood that Aimee has created is just as strong.  You can tell the importance of the day in each and every one of their eyes. Their love for this girl is irreplaceable and eternal.

(And I can’t forget Aimee’s mom, she is as adorable as can be, and such a sweet person. She was so happy for her daughter, and the bond between daughter and mom is always just so special to document).

Aimee and Ty’s love languages are stares and giggles. It’s really wonderful to see true love. It’s something that is intimate, beautiful, and also contagious. Aimee is a full spirited girl. She is the life of the party, she’s got a smile that you can’t turn away from, a laugh that is so contagious, and she just has something about her that makes you feel all your worth in just one look. She’s caring and kind, and she is one of the most genuinely nice people I have ever met. I can definitely see why Ty and Aimee are perfect for one another. He is just as sweet and thoughtful. And you can just see how he like her, wants everyone around him to feel important.

Their families and friends gathered at the Pepper Plantation’s lawn for the start of the ceremony. And it was the perfect start to a new chapter for these two.


(It was extremely bright that day, so it was a fun coincidence they had already planned to rock their Viper sunglasses during the ceremony.)

Such a sweet moment in between the exchange of rings, You just can’t help but get caught up in the moment and get emotional 🙂


I definitely had a few moments where I had to pull the camera from my eyes, in between the first dance, mom, and son dance (that was truly special), and the toast that included but not limited to the sister toast, I definitely had a lot of favorites for the night. As I can imagine both Ty & Aimee did. Here are few my favorites of their wedding day.


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-Aimee and Ty, thank you for allowing me to share in your special & epic day. I wish you guys an eternity of happiness, growth, and love. Thank you for your hospitality and friendship, lots of hugs to you both <3


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