Wedding Details for a Garden Wedding [Florence, Italy Wedding Photographer]

March 1, 2016

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A Garden wedding is one of those things that could be the extra touch to your special day..

Garden Wedding Details

They are filled with greenery, and beautiful landscape. The perfect compliment to a beautiful white dress.  Their are special details that make a garden wedding perfect. Such as spending time really reflecting on the mood you want to set. Do you want an edgy garden affair, or do you want something romantic? I got to shoot a very romantic wedding ceremony.

four seasons firenze florence italy sign


Rose bushes aligned the ceremony site. The Four Seasons Firenze in Florence, Italy did nothing but impress their guest and clients with this beautiful floral arrangement they were able to produce for a beautiful garden wedding. The venue is so antique and refined that the architecture structure is just an added bonus to this garden they have been able to maintain and preserve. Outside the ceremony area that they use, their are beautiful sculptures that are reminiscent of the renaissance period.

four seasons firenze buildings

They also have a beautiful area that has beautiful wild flowers that are just perfectly placed and align one of the many guest areas.

four seasons firenze wedding, four seasons firenze, florence italy garden wedding

rosemary garden, herb garden, wild flowers in garden ceremony, garden ceremony, garden wedding, four seasons italy garden, four seasons firenze garden

four seasons ivy on building

four seasons firenze, florence italy ivy buildings

antique sculpture garden wedding

So what makes a garden wedding, a garden wedding?

Well, I think it has to do with being one with nature. So a beautiful marriage if you will, between nature and elegance. There just something more intimate about having a ceremony outside than in doors. You truly are able to have a weightless but close feeling between your guest and the bride and groom.

roses for wedding guest

Most affairs that are outdoors are usually with smaller parties. And sometimes it just adds to the notion of solidifying a union between two people.

rose bouquet, rose bush in garden wedding, garden weddings, four seasons garden wedding, rose petals down the aisle

Special touches are everything..

Adding special touches like rose petals on the floors and having a vase for guest to throw at the end of the ceremony can add that special touch as well. Fireworks, bird seeds, and bubbles are usually used for an exit, but nothing says delicate and romantic like throwing gorgeous petals in the air to a congratulate the bride and groom.


The wedding ceremony site at the Four Seasons is filled with gorgeous trees…

The tree’s; Giardino della Gherardesca are  nestled just in the right spots. They shade the sun from creating those awful highlight or hot spots on your guest or bride and groom.  This was a photographer’s dream!

Another awesome touch to the most beautifully romantic garden wedding, why not have lights in the trees? Or better yet why not have beautiful crystal in the trees. They had beautiful chandeliers hanging from the branches of the trees. They were beautifully laced with crystals that just glistened.
garden atrium four seasons firenze2016-03-01_0023chandeliers in garden wedding, chandeliers in garden wedding florence italy, four seasons wedding, four seasons garden wedding

Music Choices?

They definitely kept it classic. Creating an elegant  and sophisticated environment by having a violinist or harp player was just the most perfect piece to the garden wedding puzzle. Definitely kept the romantic feel by choosing a lighter sound to walk to.

violin, garden wedding, four seasons firenze violin, violinist

And what happens after the ceremony? 

For the guest after the wedding, the cocktail hour was outside as well.. Patio seats and tables were arranged outside the garden while the bride and groom took images with me nearby. It was a nice touch to keep the guest feeling like they were a part of every minute of the wedding.


four seasons florence italy cocktail hour, four seasons garden wedding


Bellini’s were served for the toasting of the bride and groom’s new life..
bellini at garden wedding



The garden wedding’s theme of being romantic didn’t end outside, although this event was brought indoors for the reception the bride and groom’s special touches definitely added to having the perfect day.. Here’s a few of my favorites..

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A gorgeous Lazaro Wedding Dress with Blue Valentino Wedding Shoes
bride details

valentino wedding shoes, valentino blue wedding, blue wedding shoesAnd the final accessory on the wedding day. A pink rose bouquet for the garden wedding bride. 2016-03-01_0003


Ceremony Venue: The Four Seasons Firenze, Italy Garden Wedding

Photographer: Paula Stauffer; Paula Andrea Photography

Dress: Lazaro

Shoes: Gucci and Valentino

Bouquet: Pink Rose Bouquet

Theme: Garden Wedding

Location: Florence, Italy