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April 1, 2017

There are so many choices and options when choosing your floral arrangements for your wedding day. You can definitely get overwhelmed and feel stressed over something that can truly be magical. Flowers are an important part of your wedding day. I know that a wedding can get expensive but there are different types and ways you can approach choosing your floral types for your special day.

Depending upon your theme or your location, this will all play into what your preferences are for your bouquet, boutonniere, or even your reception or ceremony decor.

You could totally spend a ton of money on floral arrangements. And if you have it, I would strongly suggest dreaming for the stars. One of the newest trends I have been seeing are floral walls. Which are gorgeous! And I think you could actually make them if you are really crafty and have an abundant amount of time.

With that said a florist most definitely would be able to make this or create something similar. One of my favorite floral walls that I have seen is this one below.

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This was a rose, peony, moss, and what looks like a succulent base. I love that it is an ombre color pattern. It would compliment a garden wedding, and even a rustic wedding. This would  be a beautiful centerpiece for your family photos, bridal photos, or what you stand in front of for your ceremony.

I have even seen this with escort cards for your guest, and or even gold frames filled with images of the bride and groom as a reception center piece. I’m sure the possibilities are truly endless with this beautiful backdrop.

Another option to a flower wall could be as easy as choosing a venue that already has something like this. Your venue ultimately is the root of your wedding day. So it can add or distract certain elements of your wedding day. If your venue or ceremony site has natural vegetation, this is an awesome win! This wedding below was captured by a UK Photographer and its a gorgeous way to showcase natural beauty at a church there. This in itself is a beautiful backdrop for any type of photography.



(Photo credit on the image; M&J Photography)

Let’s talk reception flowers.. This arrangement was done at the Four Seasons In Florence, Italy. Four Seasons Firenze did a wonderful job on my brides floral arrangements. Not only did they create a romantic spectacular elegant arrangement for the bride but they were able to correlate this into all the pieces of the day. Each flower complimented the plate settings, the venue, and also the brides dress choices for the day.

They tiered the flowers with beautiful table top candles and created a beautifully layered structure of candles, a runner, floral arrangements, and also the actual table settings. The flowers I think add that small touch of elegance and delicacy that the bride definitely wanted.

floral arrangements for weddingsfloral arrangements for weddings


Another awe moment that I wanted to highlight was the use of flowers and light. The flowers were draped on the chandeliers over the guest table. What a way to tie it all together and really add to the romanticized feel of the day.  I haven’t really seen this in other weddings, but this was a great fairy tale way of showcasing your flowers at the reception. I never really thought of hanging flowers for a reception but what a gorgeous way of showcasing such a unique idea.


floral arrangements for weddings


This bouquet was the inspiration for the flowers used a this brides reception. The color palette was geared more for a fall wedding but I think this would be nice for a summer wedding too. The theme was rustic and the same flowers were tied into the reception site on the sides of the stair cases at the 128 south venue in Wilmington, NC.


floral arrangements for weddings


They were able to tie the color palette and flower choices to the brides cake. I love this look versus the traditional statues that often were placed on cakes. These can be cute but, I love the use of flowers to pretty up the cake a bit.


floral arrangements for weddings


Grooms need flowers too…

Other than the brides flowers we never really put a lot of thought into our groom. Simple, and chic is a great approach to dressing your groom, or ushers. I love this simple approach of a baby rose, a wild flower, and some greenery to tie in the brides bouquet. I even think a wrapped ribbon with one single flower is a nice way to incorporate a cohesive look for the bride and groom.  Her bouquet definitely tied in well with his bout.



floral arrangements for weddings


Ceremony flowers

Ceremony flowers are a must!  If you were thinking more traditional and not so much flower wall, check out this gazebo made of flowers to accompany your magical adventure!  Once again the Four Seasons did a wonderful job incorporating indoor items with a garden wedding. The usage of a chandelier outside tied with the ones used inside with flowers worked perfectly. I loved the usage of the floral gazebo to tie in with the garden of the Four Seasons Firenze too!


Simple is okay

Sometimes its the simplest bouquets that are the prettiest. This is a blush bouquet and screams feminety all over it. It is one color pattern and they used different tones to reflect transition and layers. Its gorgeous! It would compliment any bride on any day!



So when you are finalizing your flower ideas for your wedding please consider these small tips.

  1. Your venue choice and reception choice can either have natural vegetation that will cost nothing, and or think of how you can jazz up your scene by adding to it with floral arrangements.
  2. Establish a color palette that fits your theme and style for your day.
  3. Traditional or modern? Thinking in these terms will help you figure out if you want simple or more elaborate.
  4. Do it yourself, or hire someone? Sometimes doing it yourself may save money, but may cause you more stress. After all you have more than just flowers to plan for your special day. If you can do it you may want to hire someone to take care of this for you, and create your vision.
  5. Don’t forget the small details. Flowers can add to your day by providing color and mood. You don’t have to go over the top to get your vision out there. But definitely don’t forget the small details such as your groom, reception, ceremony, decoration for your plates, cake, and or if you want those petals in a photo.
  6. Stay within your budget. There is a lot of different kinds of flowers so don’t hesitate to search! Whether you choose silk or real flowers the possibilities are truly endless.  You may find something you didn’t think you would like by searching around for different price points. Forget about whats popular and get a little adventurous.  Who knows your arrangements might be the next “it” thing.  Don’t be afraid to choose flowers that no one has ever heard of. If it fits your theme, choose them!



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