Details..and why you should document them.

July 12, 2013


As a photographer, I am always looking for colors, patterns, stripes, bubbles, sparkles, if it’s interesting, I wanna see it!

Therefore, when I photograph a wedding, I always look for the small things.. The things the bride has told me she LOVES, she adores, and best of all, CHERISHES.

I always try to emphasize to myself when shooting,  shoot what they want eternalized.  I can’t supply the details but I can definitely capture them so your item can be stored for life in an image.It may deteriorate, possibly fade, heavens forbid disappear, but hopefully your image won’t do the same.

Details for events are the soul of the theme. Whether it’s a wedding and you want to showcase the pearl heirloom ring that was passed on from generations to generation, or if your hosting a baby shower and you are trying to showcase the tiny favors that you handed out to family and friends, always remember if it’s meaningful to you, document it.

You might as well showcase items you feel are important and hold significance.

As a recent home owner, I am always looking for details! Details that tell “our” story. My husband and I not only want to share our lives with our family and friends but we want them to feel and get to know our life through the details of our home. I’m in the process of completing my decorating theme of modern newport cottage. I’ll definitely share my pieces in the next few days and share the details that mean the most to me.

So with that said, document your cherished items because you may not get the opportunity again, and when choosing details remember to choose with  purpose and don’t hoard 🙂

[Something I am learning the hard way]

Below is a special detail I got the chance to photograph during a very special wedding renewal. The bride had a teddy bear the husband had sent from IRAQ while being deployed..

What looked like a normal teddy bear to me was a symbol of his life, & his love that he held for her, and that she cherished until his return. So nothing is unimportant  if it’s got a meaning to you.