Maternity Photos- Wimington, North Carolina Maternity Photographer

October 12, 2019

indoor photo session maternity photo with blue fabric

maternity photo shoot in wilmington,nc, flowing dress

I have to admit I never thought I would be photographing maternity. I started off with landscape then shifting to portrait, and specializing in weddings, and consequently falling in love with just portraits again. The gift of a portrait is truly priceless.

And with that said there is not another gift that I can imagine that is more priceless than this.

Now, I’m not naive in thinking that being pregnant is the most perfect time in your life. I  know it’s not cotton candy skies, rainbows and unicorns flying all around you. I know that your breast hurt, and your body stretches, and you feel heavy, and the last thing you may want to do is get a photograph at the moment. I know we all joke about having that burrito belly or burger belly but your belly is so much more than that! It’s actual life.

This is the time to relish at the moment.

This is such a special occasion in a women’s life and it’s one that shouldn’t be filled with thoughts of your size, or how will you lose the weight. I know many women struggle with the thought about how they will reclaim the body they had before causing them not to enjoy this time as much. In order to have a healthy baby, you gotta give them food and that will come with gaining a few more pounds. But that doesn’t have to make the memories of you being pregnant bad.

So this is where I come in. I try and achieve looks that make you feel gorgeous. After all, that’s what you are. A mom is a badass.. ya know what. And celebrating that is a definite must!


I cannot think of anything more beautiful, awesome, courageous, selfless than choosing to carry a child for nine months.  You are the epitome of a miracle happening.  The moment you learned of your pregnancy was the moment you became a mother. And it’s up to me as a photographer to help you realize that. I have not had the privilege of being a mom, but I will say that I can attest to the beauty that resonates with a mom to be. She is already gentle, patient, and protective of her child. You have already given up so much and this selfless love is such a gorgeous act. And what better way of celebrating this then letting me take your photo.

The process is meant to make you feel beautiful in your skin again. I want to make you see that beauty comes in all forms, even in this stage of your life. I want you to feel empowered and give yourself some grace in knowing you’re doing wonderful and this is only preparing you for the most awesome gift you can give yourself and your loved ones.

If you are pregnant and I’ve won you over with this post.. Well one, I can’t wait to meet you and your bump! And two, the process is very easy like I mentioned. 6 weeks before you pop is usually our go time. By this time your belly is perfectly round and we can help avoid any early pregnancy happenings. If you want a later date and feel comfortable with it, I am also willing to help. Our wardrobe is up to you. I’ll guide you through pieces that will accentuate all the new awesome parts of your body. (Ya know.. those newfound boobs, and those new hips)

You can still look glamorous and sexy while being pregnant. So whatever you feel good in and want to bring with you don’t hesitate.

Here are a few examples of my latest shoot with Jess who proved that being pregnant is definitely the time to be photographed <3

Location: At my in house studio and her husband and I headed that same day for a maternity session in Fort Fisher/ Kure Beach, NC.

pregnant women in silver dress in wilmington,nc maternity photo in studio wilmington,nc, modern pregnancy photovanity fair maternity photo session with blue draped fabric in wilmington,nc flowy dress in maternity photo session in wilmington,nc black and white maternity portrait in wilmington,nc lace pregnancy dress in maternity session in wilmington,nc lace pregnancy dress in maternity portrait in north carolina maternity photo with blush sparkle dress in wilmington,nc