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Our Home [NC real-estate]

We became home owners this spring…!

We signed the papers in April and it’s been a rollercoaster whirlwind ever since.

Owning a home has always been something my husband wanted, I also did too but always thought if you own one than your committed to the area you are in.  I have lived in Wilmington now since 2006 and always thought of it as a stepping ground to other places. And here it is now 2013 and I’m still here. Needless to say I guess I have already committed to this area.  We had really bad experiences with renting so we decided to take a leap of faith and we did it!

Fortunately the home we purchased is in a nice community and if it’s meant for us to move in the future, God will provide a way for us to sell it and move somewhere else.

As you can probably figure out I don’t like being tied to things. And it’s not the commitment it’s about finding where I want to be. I’ve never been in the same spot for more than 5 years, I tended to move during my middle school years with my parent’s job changes and as an adult I moved for school three times, and than again to North Carolina after college graduation.  I like to travel and see new area’s and this purchase and commitment kinda slows those adventures down..

I guess this was all the starting of becoming an adult. And honestly now being here for 5 months, I am glad we took the leap. Its been quite a task to get it to where we want, and we still aren’t completely there. (We have future plans to change our carpets into hardwood floors and add more of molding, even some chair railing in our dining room to make it even more finished)

We tried our best to showcase our personalities through our home. I decorated and painted it and my husband just lives in what I have made a house into a home.

Our living room paint was a Maine Shore from Lowes Valspar Signature paint, and our Master room which everyone seems to think as the white room is a Touch of Sky Blue also by Valspar Signature.

We like to think we have created a nice seaside cottage feel not over powering with ocean like items, but finding a nice middle between the comfort and warmth of a cottage and the bright qualities you find in the ocean.

Now, here is a glimpse into what we feel is our quite place, and a place that we find tranquility and peace in..

Our Kitchen



Our Dining area that flows into our Kitchen


Our Living room that if facing from the dining room your back is towards this and the main entry door of our home.







Our Master room that is on the right of our home.. If you follow the living room hallway you are there.



His and her’s night stands


Small Details in our room. Original furniture was black, I stained and finished it in a rustic white to create more of a whimsical and relaxed white cottage feel.



Walking into our left side of our home, our hallway leading to our two guest rooms. One being my husbands “Man Room” and the other my guestroom/office space.




For Photographers

Settings I used for my images:

50mm f/1.8 for all details and f/4 for larger room perspective

Exposure 1/40th of a second

ISO 3200

All Natural Light and no Flash. Taken at 3pm in the afternoon when our home is most illuminated on both sides from the sun.

Paula Andrea

Wilmington, North Carolina Portrait Photographer

Specializing in Editorial/Commercial and Portrait work

(Personal Branding Photographer)

-Available for domestic & international travel-