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Personal branding for you?


-Personal branding is a fancy way of saying "creating your brand into your business". Your business is about you, and your service that you offer. Personal branding sessions will allow me to get images that showcase what your business wants to offer and what makes your company and service different from someone else.


As we know the market is always saturated with several businesses and also skilled individuals who provide the same services, with that said, this is where I come in!


All my images are driven to embody images that you would see while flipping through your favorite magazine. My shooting style is very influenced by editorial and commercial advertisement. I will work with you to find out what your vision is. We will discuss color palettes, fonts, and also imagery that you gravitate towards. And if you already have a vision for our shooting session.. this is even better!



"Ultimately a personal branding session will create consistency and add that polished looked you never knew you needed so much! "











"it's about the boards,
the sticky notes, and
carrying out the visions
that a group of creatives
got to make..
thats my favorite thing
about styled shoots".



Questions + Answers



What kind of people book personal branding sessions?

If you have something to promote or showcase, then this is for you. Some common professions would be Bakers, Realtors, Photographers, Fashion Designers, Consultant/ Coach, Gym owner/Trainer, Hair Stylist/Boutique owner, Entrepreneur, Event house owner/manager, and ya know the list goes on and on....


What are the steps to book a personal branding session?

We will start off with a consultation

(does a coffee date sound good?)

We will discuss our time, locations , and style of our shoot. I'll go through a rough timeline that I will create to help with the flow of the day. We will schedule our shoot and after our session is complete, all edited images will be available with the delivery of your choice.


How is your Pricing Module work?

-Personal branding (1) single session starting at $600

Whether it's a day in the life of your business, or candid and posed images showcasing your product we will create a timeline to ensure we get all the images that are needed for your business plan. During our pre-planning we will discuss things such as who is your desired audience for these new images? Do you need new images for your website, instagram, Pinterest, blog, or are these photos new images for a product launch or giveaway? Depending on your answers, the days images will be targeted to enhance your clients experience when visiting each of these platforms. The length of these shoots usually last 60-90mins.


-Monthly personal branding session starting at $2,500

If you need a website update and social media images, I would suggest a monthly subscription for personal branding.This allows us to brainstorm and set aside a list of items we need to showcase for the month. These can be promotional items, giveaways, stock photos, or new products your about to launch. The flexibility of scheduling for this type of session is great for the above, and also really good for bloggers & influencers. I will shoot new content for you 5 times out of the month. There is no max for the images you receive with this package.





What can you use the images for?

Images can be used for Instagram stories/post, Facebook ads,

Facebook cover pages, business cards, blog post, linked, and all kinds of social media platforms.

(Don't forget about promotional materials such flyers, magazines, brochures, and Lookbooks for marketing submissions). Your photos can be a resource to start a website, blog, and update your headshots. You ultimately have all the tools to create a new presence for all your social media platforms.


How are the images delivered? And can I get printed images?

All images are delivered digitally for easy upload to all your social platforms & website needs. USB delivery can be accommodated upon request, & printed options will also be discussed post session if you choose to get images printed.


Do you offer payment plans?

Payment plans are available. 2,4,6 payment plans. If you are interested in a yearly content curator package then your payment is due upon each month we will shoot.


For commercial pricing/per image & full image copyrights

please inquire for a more personalized quote.

client cred

"Paula, Walgreen's brand is very bright and clear.

And the Red nose campaign is something that is supposed to represent that. Thank you for your hard work and giving us exactly what we wanted and asked for. The images you chose were perfect for Walgreen World. Thank you.

-Hennessy Design Agency




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