My style is very inspired by magazines like Vanity Fair + Elle and company branding like
JCREW + Ann Taylor + Kate Spade.
I know taking photos can feel extremely vulnerable but if your ready to have your own magazine styled photo shoot..I can't wait to giggle and make you feel YOUR BEST in front of my camera.

I take photos that make you look & feel fabulous & show how beautiful you are.

Hey..nice to meet you!

Let's be friends.

I'm a New England/South Florida/ NC hybrid. I'm part of an American/Colombian family who loves to dance, make yummy food, and I’m currently based in Wilmington, NC and am a portrait photographer. I work all over the state of NC and surrounding areas. Even ready to put some stamps in my passport!
I love listening to music while I clean. I feel at peace when I’m at church, I love Christmas and how it brings my family together. I’m addicted to old music, and boybands.. (I know it’s weird) and sadly.. I think I have developed an addiction for Home Goods, and watching HGTV network. Because of this, I'm obsessed with white wash walls, shiplap, and the beach =) And if you wanna be on my good side.. I love anything whale related <3


I'm a sister, daughter, wife, and aunt and friend. I'm one of those cry at every flipping commercial and movies kinda gal, and I have the best assistant to help me on shoots. When's he's not carrying my equipment or being my test model, Robbie is my husband + friend ( own personal amusement, he makes me laugh all the time).


get to know a little about me.

Creating something you're able to look back on when the ones you love are gone, is the reason why I love photography. Photographs are not just moments but they are heirlooms. The only regret I have in my own personal collection of photographs is that I did not have enough images of the people who have left this world.  A photograph is probably one of the only things you will own that will have more value as it ages.


"I'm normally the girl that is quiet and enjoys all day movie fest, but when I'm with my clients I try to be silly and make you feel the most comfortable...and usually it shows in our time together through our images".

Fast facts about Paula

born on july 25th


Florence, italy +
bar habor, maine

coolest place I have visited

If I could live in one place full time

My family and friends call me, PAgi.

music I cant live without

started my journey into photography



Bucket List travel spot

New Zealand & The UK

Journey, bsb
(yes to Nsync) bbmak, 5ive, mixed in with james horner and hans zimmer in between 


Anything from Nancy Meyers, or a romantic comedy. But I have been known to watch It's complicated probably now 200+ times..
And watch Home Alone in the summer followed by Hocus Pocus.
[I mean.. how can you not]

Movies I can watch all day.. everyday.

My family..we live far apart from one another but I am my most happy with them! 😉

What's important to me..

I love Hilary Duffs style, Lauren Conrad, and Zooey Deschannel, but mostly wear jeans and a t-shirt with my pink redsox's hat :)

My style icon is...

I love hamburgers, tacos, and rice and beans.
( I mean I am hispanic) + addicted to coffee and all kinds of teas.

Fave food + drinks

As a kid, Gilmore Girls, Parenthood, MMC, Lizzie Maguire, as an adult, Game of thrones, Supernatural, and every HGTV show! 



Zumba + Riding my bike


I love shooting one on ones, so if it's portraits for senior girls, or a generational portrait session of a mom with her daughter. I love the intimacy and special moments that happen when the crowd level is less. 

my favorite things

— Sam

"Getting photographed by Paula seriously just feels like hanging out with a girlfriend!"

— Savannah

"I always feel weird and awkward, you made me feel pretty!"

Work together with my mom!

I think shes's great and I think you will too!

"You deserve to look great in every image! Let me be able to show your best self. From big milestones to brand photoshoot I've got you covered!
You'll get to look as cute as Walt" ---> 

LEt's all be friends!