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Kid Portraits Southport, NC + Bald Head Island

Kid Portraits in Southport, NC + Caswell Beach + Bald Head Island + Wrightsville Beach + NC Beaches….


I love photographing kids.. They are spontaneous, colorful, funny, and never afraid to do whatever is asked, or to try new things. I love how innocent their curiosity is, and how wonderful they view everything. My goal when photographing kids is to essentially get a glimpse of what they see, and their world..


A few of my faves of my time with my niece and nephew..

Southport was beautiful that day.. The waves crashed softly onto the intercoastal shore, and you could see Bald Head Island in the distance. We are just unraveling spring, and the day already felt like a summer day.



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And after the shower at the beach..they cleaned up for a final time.. I wish bath time was as much for now as an adult as it was for them. Sometimes, it truly is the simple things that make the most beautiful images and offer the most memorable memories.



Family Portraits- Wrightsville Beach, NC [NC Family Photographer]

Family Portraits at Wrightsville Beach- NC Family Photographer


I was looking through my blog post, and realized I never really blogged about this family session. Well.. here’s to a new introduction to this session that happened a wee while back.

This family portrait was pretty memorable. It’s a special one because of the people I got to photograph. The Johnson family won my services during a Make A Wish Wine Women and Shoes auction that was held here in Wilmington, NC with the Make a Wish Eastern NC division. I was lucky enough to participate in the event as a photographer and also a volunteer.  Make a Wish is an incredible organization and I’m a huge fan of their work and their history.  If you know me, you know that I love Saint Judes, the Progeria Foundation and Make a Wish. So, it was definitely something I could scratch off the bucket list for doing.

The Johnson family won and Mrs. Johnson is actually the president of the Eastern division. She had lost the voucher and we were finally able to connect with one another after a year. Yes, a year. She had expressed that it was lost and that they didn’t know how to get it claimed, so she was hoping I would still honor it. Of course.. I did! The family had gone through some hardships that year with her husbands health, and it was completely understandable that life was getting in the way of our session.

We finally were able to schedule our family portrait session later on in the summer. The family was dressed to impress, they had several outfits and were extremely colorful. All the girls were very excited to be at the beach since they had traveled from Raleigh to Wrightsville Beach. They were a very united family, and very fun. We laughed and giggle during our shoot, and I got some pretty magical moments captured. They were lots of fun, and definitely balls of energy. I definitely got my work out with this crew.

Here were a few of my favorites from our Wrightsville Beach Family Shoot;




Summer Fun at the beach- Caswell Beach-Oak Island-Kid Photography

Kid Photography + Lifestyle…


We started our adventure in Southport, NC and headed towards Caswell Beach. Caswell, is a small little beach town and is usually a quiet spot. The sky was beautiful and you could see Bald Head Island from the Southport, Intercoastal water way. We splashed, giggled, laughed, and I got to spend the day with my niece and nephew. It was a a great day 🙂

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Kid Photography- Bald Head, Wrightville Beach, Oak Island, Wrightsville Beach, Wilmington, NC Photographer. Lifestyle Kid Photography





and after the splashing they played again in the shower….what fun it is to be a kid..


kid shower,Kid Photography- Bald Head, Wrightville Beach, Oak Island, Wrightsville Beach, Wilmington, NC Photographer. Lifestyle Kid Photography

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