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Fort Fisher/Carolina Beach Engagement Photography

If you know me,  you know I often gravitate towards the artwork that God leaves in the sky. I love sunrises, and sunsets and I love when I get that cotton candy effect in the sky. You know the blues, the reds, the pinks.. Well as luck would have it my new friends Josh and Jen agreed to have their engagement session during the sunrise hour!

Jen and Josh met me at 545am on Memorial weekend  at Fort Fisher, NC.  Josh a native to the Brunswick county area and Jen a native to Greenville met right in this location during a summer break from ECU.  (unbeknownst to both of them they were both attending the same school). So what better way to solidify their relationship by having an engagement session at a place that held such wonderful memories. Their families rented a home in Carolina Beach that weekend for the holiday and we were finally able to meet after all our correspondences through email.

Josh and Jen were nothing less than what I imagined. They were incredibly cute as they unloaded their pets out of Josh’s truck. Both their moms accompanied them to the shoot to take care of their beautiful pets, a white Labrador Abby and cute little Poodle mix Lola. I greeted both of them with a hug and the option to lather themselves in bug spray. Yes, bug spray.  It was already pretty humid at this point and the mosquitos were not scared to get friendly.

fort fisher sunrise


We started the session by heading towards a spot I had scouted the day before. I was obsessed with this tree and my vision of having them near it.  The difference between the day before and that actual day was my sky. I got a little blessing that morning, the sky was the most beautiful I have ever seen it, and that made this session even more special.

Josh held Jen’s hand most of the session guiding her through the brush and rocks. He was really attentive with her well being, and I found that so adorable. He definitely lived up to the southern gentlemen mentality.  As the shoot progressed I started to instruct them to make each other laugh to get more natural shots. And no matter what Josh said or did, Jen always had a smile on her when she looked at him. She was in complete awe of him, and it was such a wonderful thing to photograph. After all photographing two people in love, truly is one of the easiest things to do 🙂




2016-05-29_00082016-05-29_00072016-05-29_00102016-05-29_00092016-05-29_00142016-05-29_0011The puppies joined us half way through for an impromptu family portrait, and than we headed towards the Carolina Beach Boardwalk.  We giggled, played, and got a little wet with the waves that came a little closer than we thought.  Josh and Jen were so much fun.
















I loved how these two looked at each other. And their such an adorably good looking couple, aren’t they?!



As the shoot was coming to an end we trailed through the boardwalk area and got some images of them on some fair rides. Because,  why not since their first date was at a fair!

Our time was coming to a close so we walked back to our cars and I spotted a beautiful little tropical spot. I ended the session with one more shot and we finally exchanged hugs. Jen and Josh are a really sweet couple, they made me giggle and I enjoyed shooting with their pets too. I loved how they incorporated their pets into the shoot.  I can hardly wait till our paths cross again for another memorable experience 🙂

2016-05-29_00392016-05-29_0038fort fisher engagement

**Josh + Jen, I’m so thankful that we were able to find one another. Thank God for google, right?! Jen, I knew that it was destined that we would meet when you pulled out your NSYNC blanket. I mean.. seriously?! 🙂  I can’t say enough how much you guys made me feel comfortable!  Thank you for handling my sweaty mess, and accommodating all my ideas at the drop of a hat!  I’m extremely glad I got to convert your vision into a place that I felt fit it. I hope that our session reflected your relationship and that you guys enjoyed our time together as much as I did.


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