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Tom and Roxy-Elopement Fort Fisher/Kure Beach-NC Photographer

Kure Beach/Fort Fisher Elopement

Being a photographer has meant that I get to interact with all kinds of people. And with that said, I mean all kinds of people from all over the world. I love, love, love speaking with other people from other’s states, and especially countries. Yes, we may view things differently,  but it’s amazing how truly connected we all are. This was definitely the case when meeting Tom and Roxy.

Roxy is from South Africa while Tom is from England and life’s choices and decisions allowed these too to find love in the UK.  They were vacationing in Kure Beach and had decided to seal their love through a small ceremony that would take place on the beach. They were being accompanied by Mary and Jake. Mary, Tom’s mom and Jake, Tom and Roxy’s cute little three year old son. Luckily for me Roxy had found me through our mutual friend Angela Kelly. Angela would be officiating the wedding and was nice enough to refer me to Roxy and Tom.


wedding details at fort fisher,nc


Since Tom and Roxy reside in England, you can only guess that I loved listening to them talk. I definitely have a soft spot for accents.. I mean, how can you not?   I felt like I knew Roxy even before our first meeting. We had corresponded so much before our actual meeting that it was really nice to finally put a face with all my emails.  Following tradition of the groom not seeing his bride before the ceremony, Tom went downstairs and waited at the beach while Roxy put on her finishing touches.

carolina beach first look2016-07-03_0002


The day was nothing but gorgeous, but I I think Tom only noticed Roxy. She was radiant…


2016-07-03_00032016-07-03_00042016-07-03_0005I love how Tom looked at Roxy. It was as though it was their first meeting all over again. Love is really a special thing to photograph. 2016-07-03_00062016-07-03_0007


Jake definitely enjoyed his time on the beach during the ceremony. It was really cute how he would come back and forth checking on his parents while they declared their love for one another.

2016-07-03_00082016-07-03_00092016-07-03_0010And after a few vows were exchanged they were that much closer to becoming a new family..

2016-07-03_00112016-07-03_0012nc beach wedding ceremony fort fisher ceremony weddingnc beach wedding ceremony


They exchanged their rings, and were officially united as Mr + Mrs. McCool.


nc beach wedding ceremony fort fishernc beach weddingkure beach nc wedding beachfront


After the ceremony we all walked towards the Fort Fisher recreation area to take some photos. We eventually trailed back to the beach side and ended our session as the sun went down.

fort fisher/kure beach elopement

Roxanne was a beauty in white. Her dress was two tiered with lace and crystal embellishment on her waist. It was classic, sophisticated, and fit her beautifully.

bride at fort fisher nc

fort fisher nc wedding couple
I loved how Tom made Roxanne smile. Just a look made her literally light up.

She was gracious, cute, and adorable as she tried to convince me she wasn’t comfortable in front of a camera… I’m pretty sure this fellow photographer can handle both sides of the lens. She clearly is photogenic!
nc bride wedding bride details nc wedding photographerfort fisher nc kure beach nc wedding bride2016-07-03_0026fort fisher wedding nc 2016-07-03_00302016-07-03_0031

bride and groom with son

Jake was not only eye candy for the day but he was definitely a good flower boy holding mommy’s bouquet as she posed for additional photos.



The light eventually dropped and we had gorgeous cotton candy colors that engulfed the beachside…Since Roxy is a photographer she also envisioned certain photos for her special day and to my surprise had brought a pretty nifty new lens to get those images she saw in her head. I think we definitely were able to relay what she wanted in these beautiful landscape images.


2016-07-03_00412016-07-03_0040fort fisher elopement


and they danced…


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Even at elopements you can have sweets, and we finished the session with some cupcakes.

bride and groom cupcake details,nc wedding photographer, nc wedding, nc beach wedding, kure beach wedding

wedding cupcakes, nc wedding photographer, nc wedding, nc beach wedding, kure beach wedding




-Roxy and Tom, I’m pretty sure you guys know how much Robbie and I loved you all. We couldn’t have asked for a better meeting with new friends. We wish you all the love, luck, and health in your new journey together. And can only hope for our paths to cross again. We truly enjoyed all our time with you, Jake and Mrs. Mary. You guys were truly the icing to the cake to a beautiful elopement session 🙂 




Photographer: Paula Stauffer

Officiant: Angela Kelly

Location: Fort Fisher NC/ Kure Beach/NC


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Wilmington, North Carolina Portrait Photographer

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